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Compelling Constitutional Conversations



2018 (All programs rebroadcast on additional dates)

*Topics for 2018 in development with our editorial staff and editorial board, responsive to current events and emergent legal issues. Have a topic or feature report idea? Let us know here.

The 'Gig' Economy:
Virtual Employees in the Workplace
btn-law-on-demand.pngConsumer Protection: Fair Debt Collection, Bankruptcy & Families at Risk
btn-law-on-demand.pngToxic Environment:
Litigating the Nation's Water Crisis
Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway? Conservative vs. Liberal Interpretation of Our Constitution
Disability, Discrimination & Title VII

btn-law-on-demand.pngThe First Amendment:
The Free press in the Era of 'Fake News'
The Opioid Crisis Goes to Court: Veterans, the Pharmaceutical Companies & a Nation at Risk
Social Media & 'Fair Use': The Rights & Limits of Free Speech & Artists' Rights
Title IX: The Evolution of Gender Parity in Sports & Schools
btn-law-on-demand.pngThe New Fourth Amendment: Electronic and Cellphones Privacy?
btn-law-on-demand.pngLittle Pink House: Eminent Domain & The Rights of Property Owners
Child Custody: New Rules for a New Generation of Divorce
Pronoun Wars: Transgender Law in Schools & the Workplace
Green Light? The Future of the Law & Marijuana, Medical and Recreational
Work Injury & the Courts: Losing Protections?

Religious Liberty: Free Speech in Health, Education & the Workplace
Revolution Heritage & Contemporary Activism: One Nation, Indivisible?
Cyber Attacks Part 1: Acts of Bullying, Retaliation & Discrimination
Forced Arbitration, NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements: Closing the Courthouse Doors?
Religion, Medicine, Science and Vaccines:
The Right to Choose– Or Not
btn-law-on-demand.pngWorkplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo /  Weinstein Era - Feb. 26, 2018
2016 - 2017 Season

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Nursing Home Abuse, Litigation & Arbitration - Apr. 24, 2017
Pronoun Wars: The Law & Transgender in America - Apr. 10, 2017
Hot Topics in Family Law: Parental Alienation, Grandparents' Right, New Divorce Rules - Mar. 6
Trademark, Copyright & Free Speech: the Slants Go to the Supreme Court - Feb. 20, 2017
The Supreme Court Nomination Fallout of Neil Gorsuch - Feb. 6, 2017 
btn-law-on-demand.pngThe Constitution & Rule of Law in the Era of President Trump - Jan. 30, 2017
btn-law-on-demand.pngComp Alarm: Opioid Drug Use
and Workers Comp - Dec. 19, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngHigh Conflict Custody &
The Difficult Ex - Dec. 12, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngInjury from Dangerous Products:
Juries & Justice - Dec. 5, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngAutism, Antidepressants &
Birth Defects - Nov. 28, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngWorkers Comp Fraud?
Or Employer Bad Faith? Nov. 21, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngThe 'Virtual' Employee in a 
'Gig' Economy - Nov. 14, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngThe Presidential Election &
The Supreme Court - Nov. 7, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngGerrymandering: Why We're Mad at LR-Emmy-Statuette-top half close crop.jpg
Washington - Oct. 31, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngEqual Pay for Equal Work:
Are Women Still Waiting? Oct. 24, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngDisability over 50:
Why Age Counts - April 18, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngWage, Hour & Overtime: LR-Emmy-Statuette-top half close crop.jpg
What's Fair Pay Today? April 4, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngO.J., Cosby & 'Making a Murderer':
Criminal Justice on Trial? March 28, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngTransgender at Work: LR-Emmy-Statuette-top half close crop.jpg
EEOC Expanded Protections? Mar. 7
btn-law-on-demand.pngThe People v. Cosby:
The Politics of Prosecution - Feb. 29, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngWorkers Comp at 100: 
Trouble Ahead? Feb. 15, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.png"White Collared":
DOJ Targeting CEO's? Feb. 8, 2016
btn-law-on-demand.pngMental Injuries 
On the Job - Dec. 7, 2015
btn-law-on-demand.pngSocial Media in Divorce,
Custody & Support - Nov. 23, 2015
btn-law-on-demand.pngIs Social Security Disability a Mess?
Don't Blame it on the Judge - Nov. 9, 2015
btn-law-on-demand.pngHigh Tech Custody Issues:
When Parents Disagree - Oct. 26, 2015
btn-law-on-demand.pngSexual Orientation & the Workplace: LR-Emmy-Statuette-top half close crop.jpg
What Protections? Oct. 21, 2015
btn-law-on-demand.pngElecting the PA Supreme Court:
Justice for Sale? Oct. 19, 2015

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Emmy award-winning programming: Three wins and eight nominations, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Interview/Discussion Program Series & Program/Specials Categories, Mid Atlantic Chapter of the Nat'l Academy of Television Arts & Sciences