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Computer Science + the Constitution = Success?

Apr 04, 2019

How do you spell success?

According to those who run the SAT college entrance exams, the two most important skills and knowledge that we test young people for that best correlate to success in higher education and life in general are:

Computer science and the Constitution.

As reported in The New York Times, Business Insider and more recently The Philadelphia Inquirer the ability to master these two "codes" were the greatest predictors of success.

Content follows this video, "What We Love About the Constitution."



David Coleman, President of The College Board not-for-profit corporation responsible for designing SAT tests and Stephanie Sanford, its chief global policy maker, believe if you want to be an empowered U.S. citizen— navigating and improving upon our institutions and not just be shaped by them— knowing the “code” of the Constitution is indispensable. Likewise, in order to shape the world (and not be shaped by it) technological computer science know-how, in virtually any field, is quintessential. 

In a joint statement, Coleman and Sanford said those young adults who master computer technology  “will be more prepared for nearly every job” and “at the same time, the Constitution forms the foundational code that gives shape to America and defines our essential liberties — it is the indispensable guide to our lives as productive citizens.”

In 2016, the College Board completely revamped its approach to A.P. computer science courses and exams and re-worked the A.P. U.S. Government and Politics course. The new A.P. government course is built on an in-depth look at 15 Supreme Court cases as well as nine foundational documents that every young American should know. It shows how the words of the Constitution give rise to the structures of our government.

Sanford says “understanding how government works is the essence of power. To be a strong citizen, you need to know how the structures of our government work and how to operate within them.” 

Christopher Naughton is the Host and Executive Producer of The American Law Journal. On the air since 1990, the Emmy award-winning program examines consumer, business and Constitutional law issues. 


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