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Welcome to our "Behind the Scenes" gallery

View info and photos about our program, the people who produce and engineer it, our guests, and the day to day operations of Law Journal Television. 

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 Christopher through the viewfinder.jpg

 Control Room crop.jpg



Gina and C at Constitution Hall walk through CROP.jpg

A very sultry and streamy day, we shot our "sizzle" reel footage on location. Here are Gina and Christopher at Constitution Hall. See the final cut here.



C in Elfreths Alley for Sizzle Reel CROP.jpg

Christopher makes his 349th pass through Elfreth's Alley for the opening and closing sequences.



Gina at TLI office.jpg

 "Hey, that's Gina Passarella" says a little girl who recognizes her from the program.



WC group Nov 2016.jpg

Guests from the November taping of "Workers Comp Reform: Medical Care & Drug Addiction."

L to R: Matthew Wynn, host Christopher Naughton, Laurie Carrol, the Hon. Joseph Hakun, and George Badey.












The American Law Journal

is honored with two Emmys in the National Academy

of Television Arts & Sciences

Mid-Atlantic region, September 2016. 

 View the news release here 






Our friends at the Philadelphia CNN-News affiliate WFMZ-TV gave us this footage. A great night- and a surprise to get not one but two Emmy awards



ALJ Corp Counsel ad 500x627.jpg

Appeared in American Lawyer Media's "Corporate Counsel" magazine November, 2016



product liability group Nov 2016 IMG_0749.jpg

Guests from the November taping of "The 'Wild West' of Defective Products: Unreasonably dangerous?"

L to R: Brandon Swartz, Jon Dryer, host Christopher Naughton, Jerry Baldino, William Ricci. 

All four guests had something in common: they are all have J.D. degrees from Temple University Beasley School of Law. 



Emmy 2016 Val smiling full .jpg


Valerie Jones, Producer at the 2016 Emmy Ceremony



Hon Paul Panepinto 350x263.jpg

The Hon. Paul Panepinto









 Gina on the monitor IMG_5400.jpg

Gina Passarella, our feature reporter and Senior Editor, Business of Law for the American Lawyer Media Global Newsroom





Anthony Haller Christopher and Mary Tiernan with Emmys 500x430.jpg


Anthony Haller of Blank Rome & Mary Tiernan

of the EEOCcelebrate their appearance

on the Emmy winning program

Wage, Hour & Overtime: What's Fair Pay Today




C OTS on set.jpg




The ALJ 4 on set photo shoot crop 500x452.jpg

The editorial and production executive team: Christopher, Associate Producer Jenn Conway, Senior Producer Valerie Jones and Director of Production Andrew Schaeffer on the set.



What is this?


At one of our recent productions, guests to our studio asked what it was so, as the intrepid curiousity-seekers we are, we asked around. Jeff Kuhns, Engineer at WFMZ-TV, clued us in.

This is a type of particle accelerator, a klystron. Some are used in the transmission of broadcast signals. This Varian-brand klystron is retired from service at the hilltop station, where it sat at the base of the tower to power (with a whole lot of oomph) signals to the top where they could then be broadcast long distances. 

Klystron base.jpg

The klystron, also called a specialized linear-beam vacuum tube, was the invented of Russell & Sigurd Varian in 1937. These Irish-American brothers were early Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, incorporating Varian Associates in 1948 to "conduct general research in the field of physical science of every kind or nature.

Neither took the conventional path to a career that most did in their era; if you read the history at the second link below, you'll learn one was dyslexic and the other too impatient for school. Sounds like some of the most prominent "tech titans' of our day. Also described at that link are the tremendous contributions to both communications and war efforts- including applications for radar- during a critical time in our nation's history. 

That ends the broadcast engineering lesson of the day. 

Read more

Russell and Sigurd Varian: Inventing the Klystron and Saving Civilization

History of Communications & Power Industries LLC (formerly Electron Device Business of Varian Associates, Inc.)

If that's not enough, check out this academic paper from Stanford University: High Power Klystrons: Theory & Practice.