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WHO WE ARE is the nation’s leading interactive multimedia legal directory powered by the Emmy award-winning television program "The American Law Journal." provides free, news-centric videos for people looking for legal help. With our cutting-edge digital services, you virtually “meet” lawyers who may represent your cause. All with simple, quick, and easy clicks on any device.




Only on can you watch exclusive videos that are produced by an Emmy-award winning television program that provide legal insights and knowledge.  Through's videos, you will learn more about dozens of areas of the law, who the lawyers are, what law they practice, their professional achievements and how to easily and quickly contact them.




Each Find-Lawyer has a profile page with

1. Video  - Virtually meet your lawyer. Anytime. From anywhere. 

2. Digital Bio - Learn the lawyer’s practice areas and discover why that lawyer may   

    be the best person to work for you. 

3. Contact - Connect with any lawyer directly through


ABOUT OUR TEAM: was created and launched by the producers of The American Law Journal. Together, and The American Law Journal have produced a multimedia, digital platform for lawyers, referring counsel and clients to connect.




To provide lawyers and the public easily accessible legal information that allows them to make informed decisions when creating a client-lawyer relationship.  Where “We the People” learn more about our laws, Constitutional rights and responsibilities.


Eight Unique Features About 



Featured and promoted in American Lawyer Media (ALM) Publications


The only Video Centric Directory in the Nation (“meet” your lawyer before you meet your lawyer)


The only legal directory that provides a ‘video library’ for each subscriber, including news-centric and informative video provided by the law firm itself


The only directory linked to and supportive of an Emmy Award winning television program on the law slated for national PBS distribution in 2018


The only legal directory with video dispensing legal advice and insights, both long- and short-form


The only legal directory that actually has a content form/box on the lawyer’s bio page that funnels inquiries right to the lawyer and allows for personal contact— Find-Lawyer is not an intermediary


The only legal directory that allows the “People to Speak”— ask a question directly online directly to the inquirer


Demonstrates a practitioner’s love for Compelling Constitutional Conversations— represented by medallions and a video of the lawyer sent to the National Constitution Center for “Why I love the Constitution”

…and the only legal directory with an actual CHAT function, not unlike many law firms employ [COMING SOON] 


What makes Find-Lawyer different than 6 months ago:




Lawyers can promote their practice on the nation’s only video-centric legal directory at an introductory rate: two attorneys for $99/mo.


A short profile video will be provided for one attorney at no additional charge


Find-Lawyer will be promoted through the ALM (American Lawyer Media) publishing footprint


Find-Lawyer will be prominently promoted on ALJ wherever it is broadcast


85% of information online will be video in the next few years— this is the right directory at the right time


It serves firms’ needs as well as supports an Emmy award wining to show to access homes across the nation on PBS



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